Swords and Wizardry Appreciation Day is Metal.

Here we go.

Swords and Wizardry Appreciation Day has been an incredible success so far, and I'm very pleased to be participating. I first want to take a moment to say that Swords and Wizardry really is what got me into the OSR to begin with. When I first started learning about older editions, my heart went out to the Original Edition, and S&W remains my default for all houserules that I come up with. It remains the version of D&D that I have DM'd more than any other except 3rd, which is what I started playing back in the early 2000s. It was and is a revelation, the breath of fresh air that taught me how to really make the game my own, more than all of my modifications of 3rd ever did. I owe Matt Finch and co. a debt of gratitude forever because of that.

Thank you.

To show my appreciation for this beautiful little ruleset, I offer up my humble houserules in the next few posts.

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