Roguish Luck in S&W.

Rogues are any characters that rely on luck, wits, and street smarts to overcome their problems. They can be thieves, merchants, assassins, swashbuckling pirates, highwaymen, or anyone else who lives by breaking the rules. I have often percieved the Rogue to be a class that is really all about luck and street smarts, but have always been a fan of the 3e sneak attack. Thus, I have come up with a Rogue class that I think can embody any number of archetypes.I have never been a big fan of thief skills, since they create a lot of the same 'arms race' effect that I talked about with Fighters. So, here is my Rogue for S&W:

Hit Die: d6
Armor: Light or Leather Armor only.
Attack Bonus: +1 per 1 and 1/2 levels.
Saves: As Cleric in the Core Rules

Luck: A Rogue may retry any die roll a number of times per day equal to 1/2 his level + 1. So a first level rogue can use Luck once per day, a second level twice, and so on.

Dirty Trick: A Rogue has a number of Dirty Tricks up his sleeve equal to 1/2 his level + 1 per day, just like his Luck. A Dirty Trick represents an unexpected advantage that the Rogue has over an opponent in combat, and can take one of two forms:

a) the Rogue gains a bonus to an attack and damage roll equal to his level, or
b) he can perform a combat maneuver as a move action, like a Fighter.

He may also make a Dirty Trick from a position of surprise any number of times per day.

Street Lore: This ability begins at 10% and increases by 5% every level thereafter to a maximum of 99%. This is a Rogue’s knowledge of the word on the street, the combination of gossip, hearsay, and unexpected fact that makes up worldly knowledge. A successful check with this skill will reveal what is known to the common people and the criminal underworld about a person, place, or thing.

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