New Item: Wailing Flask

This small bottle does not appear to contain any sort of substance, but when unstoppered it produces a frightful, keening wail. This sound does not harm any listener, but will draw wandering monsters to it if left unstopped. The source of the wail is a weak ghost trapped within the bottle itself. If smashed, the enraged spirit will attack whoever is nearest due to its anguished confusion.


  1. Anathema,

    This is pretty good. You should submit something to Louisville D&D for our Gen Con contest. I think you've played with us (is this Sterling?) before, so you're qualified.


    1. Gasp! It is indeed Sterling, and I'm sorry I haven't been making it to many games lately. Totally been slammed at work. I'll come up with something to submit. BTW, I can't seem to ever access the files from the forum, which is why I never got the updated Halfling xp charts to you. Sorry about that.