How To Get New School Players Ready For Old School Gaming

 Try this simple exercise out on a batch of OD&D n00bs:

Sit them down without stats or dice.

Say to them: You see a door. What do you do?

Being n00bs, one shall say, ‘I open it.’

Roll 6d6. Declare that the door was electrified.

They say, how was I supposed to know? Tap it with a stick?

You say, It’s called a ten-foot-pole.

You set up the exercise again. This time it’s a monster, who, upon the door being opened, rushes out and claws one of the players in the face, then vanishes.

Do this ten times, each time crafting another scenario of death and dismemberment.

Gradually, they learn both the techniques and the tools necessary to assuage their growing paranoia.

Then let them roll stats. Picking equipment will be especially enjoyable to watch. 

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