D30 Table of Stock Characters

There comes a time when your NPCs need some personality beyond a few abstract character details. Luckily for us, the idea of a 'stock character' has been studied for many centuries. Here's a list of stock characters from Theophrastus, rendered as a d30 table:

D30 Chart of Stock Characters           
After Theophrastus

1. The Insincere Man
2. The Flatterer
3. The Garrulous Man
4. The Boor
5. The Complacent Man
6. The Man without Moral Feeling
7. The Talkative Man
8. The Fabricator
9. The Shamelessly Greedy Man
10. The Pennypincher
11. The Offensive Man
12.The Hapless Man
13.The Officious Man
14.The Absent-Minded Man
15.The Unsociable Man
16.The Superstitious Man
17. The Faultfinder
18.The Suspicious Man
19.The Repulsive Man
20.The Unpleasant Man
21.The Man of Petty Ambition
22.The Stingy Man
23.The Show-Off
24.The Arrogant Man
25.The Coward
26.The Oligarchical Man
27.The Late Learner
28.The Slanderer
29.The Lover of Bad Company
30.The Basely Covetous Man

I've left the list pretty vague, since it should be easy for you to comprehend what these characteristics mean in context. Enjoy!

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  1. Good thought, using Theophrastus's stock characters--though a follow mapping them to some specific characters would be cool, too. :)

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